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Brooklyn Nine Nine Season 8 Renewal Status, Release Date and What to Expect

Brooklyn 99‘s Season 8 Poster:

Sneak Peek Into the Past:

In the last 7 seasons of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, we were able to witness the story of a cop. There was a lot of comedy and humor with the cop who was also the Captain of NYPD. The show is facing a lot of new challenges after the protest of Black Lives Matter. The lead of the show Andre Braugher said about the changes in the story that will include the current situation in it.

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Renewal Status of Season 8:

The show,  Brooklyn Nine-Nine, has been approved for renewal in both US and UK.  The show will most probably air this autumn season that is in late 2020. The only factor that can push the release is the pandemic of coronavirus. If that happens,  then we may be able to get the series somewhere in early 2021. The show is also facing change in the script to include the pandemic, black lives matter protest, and police brutality to George Floyd.

Cast and What to Expect from the Next Season:

The show will keep its old cast as it is. We can expect Andy Samberg as Jake Peralta, Andre Braugher as Captain Holt, Joe Lo Truglio as Boyle, and Melissa Fumero as Amy Santiago.  There are few others as well who will also be cast in the show but guest appearances are not yet known.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8

The trailer for Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8 has been dropped by the streaming service already. The show is aired on NBC in the US and in Netflix in the UK. We can also be able to watch the trailer on YouTube. Recently, there are new challenges coming up in the story of the show and hence the team is working on it.


After a long discussion to include all the recent affairs that are taking place in America the writers are working very hard. They have to pour humor to the show along with the latest events that are taking place across the globe. Thus,  we can expect Brooklyn Nine-Nine to have a moral impact as well along with the comic plot.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Upcoming Season Synopsis

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