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Westside Gunn Respite Shady Record In Tribute To R.I.P DJ Shay

DJ Shay’s funeral:

It is almost more than half of the year, but nothing seems to be normal. There are severe losses due to China’s originated virus of COVID-19. Another bad news comes from the music industry that DJ Shay has passed away after being affected by the coronavirus. The rapper Westside Gunn announced his upcoming album in a grievance to DJ Shay’s passing away. The rapper got constant support from the DJ, whose absence makes him feel upset.

Griselda’s Postponement of Albums:

The tragic news of DJ Shay’s death has moved the Griselda camp into melancholy. The camp has decided to cancel all the release of albums this month as a symbol of respect to the former member of the gang. The rapper has also declared about the postponement of his upcoming release of Shay’s debut in his work. The name of the work is Who Made The Sunshine. The release will be pushed as back as a month.

Gunn’s address on Instagram:

American rapper Westside Gunn has addressed his emotions on Instagram by posting a long written post for DJ Shay. Before declaring about the postponement of his work, ” who made the sunshine”, he thanks everyone for their support. The Griselda is also thankful to the former member of the gang as DJ Shay has played a vital role in lifting them. The efforts were fruitful, but the absence is as hurtful.

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First I wanna say thank u for All the love, support and prayers that has been giving, GRISELDA has the best fans in the world.. just wanna be the first to tell u my album @shadyrecords debut “WHO MADE THE SUNSHINE” has been postponed, we’ll be figuring out a date soon and I’ll keep u posted, WSG DAY is still 8/28 and I’ll be celebrating the Legend Shay life with the ppl who’s been there since day 1, Also there will be a Griselda Super Store for the month of September for ppl who was wondering what happ to the Versace Tape, The LIZ, Who Made the Sunshine merch etc… this will give everybody an opportunity before I start The Fall Drops again Love to y’all and I Promise u this album will be coming soon and if Pray for Paris in your Top 5 this will be too this shit is amazing I Promise YOu 🤲🏽 🌞 #FLYGOD #GXFR #ICON #CULTURE #ART #WMTS @griseldarecords

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Rescheduling launch:

The Griselda and Gunn are working on rescheduling their launch of albums and songs. They promise the audience to get the songs released by the end of September, and they are still working on it. As soon as they decide on a new date for the release, they will inform the fans. Before that could happen, let us pray for DJ Shay to rest in peace.


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