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Selena Gomez Soars up Fans Anticipation Calling Blackpink Discussing Ice-cream

Selena Gomez and Blackpink have collaborated to spread much love and pop music. This legendary collaboration was making fans go nuts. Many have their breaths held for teh new upcoming collab single of Selena Gomez and Blackpink, Ice-cream. It isn’t much known about this very song. All we know for now is that it is a collaboration between some real hardworking and iconic singers.

Selena Teases Fans Out There

Selena Gomez recently went on to tease her fans with her dialing Blackpink to give them a call. Their collab song is going to come on August 28. There aren’t many days left until the 28th. But Selena is making the wait even more difficult with her little tricks.

Selena, a Blackpink Fan Herself

From this wonderful phonecall, one thing was made very clear, Selena Gomez herself is a huge Blackpink fan. Selena, while talking on the phone call, expressed her excitement for their song. She went on to say that she was a huge fan of the band. So, given that she got an opportunity to work with them, it must be like a dream come true for her.

Ariana’s Link to the Song

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Well, it is not just Selena and Blackpink who have contributed to the song. Recently, Ariana Grande confessed to writing the song Ice-cream. The girl gang here is indeed a powerful one. Ariana, in an Instagram post, expressed how excited she was about the song. Even Selena pitched in to thank her and the whole team who made this song possible.

Fans Going Gaga about Ice-cream

Fans of both Selena Gomez and Blackpink are excited about their new song Ice-cream. The wait till August 28 is going to be hard. Selena herself is so very much excited about her song, given her excitement in the phone call. Let us brace ourselves and await August 28.

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