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Kingdom Season 3 Determined to Occur as Per Kim Eun-Hee

The kingdom is a South Korean anime that falls under the genre, horror, mystery, and suspense. It has been written by Kim Eun-Hee. It took to the cinematic universe not long ago in 2019. Moreover, its thrilling suspense and enigmatic zeal have caused it to be one of the most loved shows of Netflix. The series did a great on in the first two seasons and is now preparing for the third one.

kindom season 3 to be released in the light of season 2

Is season 3 into existence?

We all know that the advent of season 2 was over five months back and since then e have no clue about the series. But we may not lose hope and be positive about the same. The recent Hollywood interview of Kim Eun-Hee and Park gave us some flickering light of hope. Moreover for those who have watched season 2 also know that the suspense is not yet disclosed. though there are no rumors regarding the refreshment of these series we are sure its taking place.

It fills me with enthusiasm ” Kim Eun-hee:

The screenwriter of the show Kim Eun-hee in her latest interview stated that she id filled with vigor and energy when it comes to the show. She went on to say that there is so much more to bring to the limelight. Moreover, she feels energetic and is inspired to write more. She had also added that the cast and crew members have great chemistry and if the public enjoys the series she would see it go up to season 10.

The Entrancing upcoming plot:

In the upcoming season, we may expect another outbreak in the North. We know by now that Prince Chang has been faking his death and it has been 7 years and 3 months since then. Also, the royal highness has been investigating the resurrection plant. In season 3 we may see prince Chang retreating from North. Since there is a shortage of soldiers to take down zombies we are soon to encounter another outbreak in the North.

entrancing plot of kingdom season 3

The participants in the upcoming fascinating season:

In season 2 a lot of people were missing from season 1. Moreover, the panic also took many of our beloved cast from the team. We are yet not sure whom season 3 would consist of but we are sure about that 1 personality. He is none other than Jun Ji Hyun. also in the interview, the screenwriter, Kim Eun-Hee stated that she wants more resentment in season 3. So the actors would be taken accordingly.

cast of kingdom season 3

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