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Netflix Tossing Between If and Buts For AJ And The Queen Season 2

AJ and the Queen

AJ and the queen is a comedy-drama and also a Netflix original. Its season 1 is already streaming on Netflix. The show was not able to attract so many viewers that have caused the show to a halt.  There is no official announcement for the show to continue for its 2nd season. The only fate of the show could be a cancellation after 1st season. But,  if Netflix approves the show for another season, we can expect it to arrive somewhere in late 2021 or by early 2022.

AJ and the Queen will have season 2 on Netflix

Story and plot

AJ and the queen are about a woman named Robert who has got 10 years old as her companion. The 10-year-old is none other than AJ who has got a chip on her shoulder. The two meet as strangers but then develop a bond. By the end of season 1, we could see that AJ finally finds her neglected mother and reunites with her where Robert is sad for losing a 10-year-old. She realizes that she wants to adopt AJ  at the end.

AJ And The Queen: Season 2? Do We Have A Release Date At Netflix?

Characters and cliffhangers

Apart from AJ and Robert,  there are several other characters and other stories involved in the show. Queen Louis is a character who features Cocoa Butter and is crowned as the Drag Queen in season 1.

The other characters include Hector, Brianna, and Tia Carrere as Lady Danger. Robert was possessing a life threat from the Lady danger in the show. Most probably, the next season would have shown us how Rober and AJ would have reunited after their separation in Season 1.

What if S2 gets approved 

If Season 2, gets approved by Netflix, even then there are a lot of factors that will affect the release and filming of the show. The multi-talented,  RuPaul Charles, who plays as Robert, is already busy with several ongoing projects. She is the writer, producer, and actor in the show thus her availability will affect the release. The other factor is pandemic, that has forced us to dwell in uncertainty. According to all these, the filming and editing would finish by 2022.



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