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Another Life Season 2 Release Date, Cast and Upcoming Detail

Another Life: One of The Must Watch Science-Fiction Series

Another Life is a must for any science fiction enthusiast. This 2019 series is available on Netflix. Aaron Martin’s Another Life premiered on Netflix in July 2019. The channel revived it in October of 2019 for its second season, to everyone’s surprise.

The series has had a mixture of reviews and ratings. However, the fans are excited.

Another Life Cast And Storyline

The storyline of the show is very unique. We see a UFO landing on Earth. Then it forms a crystal which is in the shape of a Mobius Strip. The crystal is worked to the United States Interstellar Command. No one could find a way to interact with all the alien artifacts. His spouse initiates a mission to find the origin of the artifact of alien origin. She becomes the captain who commands the spaceship Salvare.

The Cast consists of William who is playing an Artificial Intelligence on Salvare. The Engineers played by Oliver Sokolov and August Catawee. Captain Niko Breckinridge is played by Katee Sackhoff While we can see, Justin Chatwin plays Erik Wallace, Niko’s husband.

All Ten Episodes Of Another Life Was Published at Once

Another Life season 2

So far, the series has released only 10 episodes. The show published all of them at once. They named the last episode Hello. The cast was led by the likes of Mairzee Almas, Allan Arkush,  Omar Madha, Metin Huseyin, and  Sheree Folkson.

At the end of the season, the show reveals that the alien race is named Achia and they aren’t too favorable towards humans. The Aliens reveal that their race wants to destroy everything.

Another Life: Release Date Details

The next season has been revived in October 2019. The first season was shot in Vancouver, British Columbia. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the season production is being delayed.

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