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Altered Carbon Season 3 All Agile To Discover Soul Transfer In Chip

Altered Carbon a futuristic world

Altered Carbon is a sci-fi movie that takes us on a journey to the future. They take us to a place of immortal people in the future. They use a device named stack that stores the memory and consciousness of a person. The chip is inserted after birth into an individual’s vertebrae close to the spine in order to record all the memories. The chip is transferable from one body to another. This is the concept of soul transfer.

Altered Carbon Season 3 to deal with consciousness, process of unearthing person’s past memories

Soul transfer In Chip

The possibilities of the future are expanded by letting people change their bodies. A person is able to live longer than the life span unless the chip is destroyed. In season 2, we see Takeshi Kovacs getting burnt inside his body along with the chip.

As he was one of the main characters of the series, now the question arises if he is really dead. Well,  his return in the next season is suspense. Season 3 would take us further 300 years in the future.

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Release and trailer

As for the time now,  there are delays in the shooting and other activities of the series. Just like the other movies, series, and other entertainments, the filming of Altered Carbon is also halted. According to the trend followed by the last two seasons, the next season would not release sooner than 2022. The first season came to the streaming service in 2018 while the second season came in 2020. So, the next season may take 2 years like the previous one unless it follows a delay cor COVID-19.

Altered Carbon season 3 on Netflix: Everything you need to know

Some new news

The main characters of the show would return and are all set for that. There will be few new faces in the show who will bring surprises to the show as well. The fans are eagerly waiting for the next season to arrive.

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