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Jay-Z and Pharrell to Illuminate Together in “Entrepreneur” Video

Shawn Corey Carter popularly known by the name Jay-Z is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, and also a businessman. The 50-year-old rapper is praised for his accomplished skills and has been successful as an entrepreneur too. On the other hand, Pharrell Williams is also an American singer, songwriter, record producer, entrepreneur. In addition to these, he is a successful fashion designer too.

They are featuring together in a music video

Recently, it came to light that both the singers who are also successful entrepreneurs may share a stage. It was disclosed that since long they have been working n a music album that features them together. It is also to be noted that they have been throwing light on the miseries of black Americans for long. Now they are all set to appear together in the music album “Entrepreneur.”


Representatives of pathetic treatment of Blacks

It is to be noted that they both have openly criticized America for its wrongdoings. Since times immemorial, we all know about the discrimination the blacks had to face in Ameria. The two have been vocal about the same. The plight of black Americans is something that could be spotted in their every music album. They have fought tooth and nail for their rights

 Album Stresses on Doleful Conditions of Black American

The new song or the music album as to say it, which is going to release soon is all about black Americans. In the album. The two singers have portrayed the atrocities faced by Black Americans for decades and how they were miserably treated and discriminated in terms of food, health, education, medical facilities, and whatnot. The album song is all about a black craving to start his business but faces foreseen discrimination.

Pharell and Jay -Z

The message of peace and equality 

The best thing about the upcoming album is, the two black entrepreneurs are delivering the Message of equitability. They are convincing people through their album that equality would not only enhance the support system but would also bring in little money and new opportunities. In short, they are emphasizing on Unity and equal treatment of blacks, which is the only way to make the nation flourishing and blooming

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