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Daniel Sharman Compares His Cursed The Weeping Monk Role To Fear The Walking Dead’s Troy Otto

Cursed (not literally!), we’re talking about the show here has made it’s way to the TV screen. The show, an adaption of none other than Tom Wheeler and Frank Miller’s graphic novel, has made its way onto Netflix. Besides, you can now stream the entire first season of Cursed or most preferably. Binge watches it in a day or two.

The show features Daniel Sharman as well as 13 Reasons Why actress Katherine Langford. Based on the classic Arthurian lore, the show has its kind of spin and charm.

The real show stoppers of Cursed Season 1

Well, you might be well aquatinted with some of the popular characters like Arthur, Merlin and Nimue. However, the villains of the show don’t have enough spotlight, but the show wouldn’t be anything without them.

We saw the most famous villain and the main antagonist of the show, Peter Mullan’s Father Carden throughout season one. However, The Weeping Monk, the church’s enforcer steals the show and excites the audience as a true and real baddie.

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Moreover, the villain aka The Weeping Monk played by none other than Daniel Sharman has everyone’s attention. The actor has previously appeared in Teen Wolf, Fear the Walking Dead and Medici amongst others. Besides, Sharman’s role in Cursed seems quite different from Fear the Walking Dead’s Troy Otto.

But he managed to pull off both with equal talent and grace. Sharman played a mysterious, quiet and stoic villain in Cursed. His character can be described as a silent assassin who has wonderful skills when it comes to his sword.

Troy vs. The Weeping Monk – lack of empathy and much more

Meanwhile, Troy Otto and The Weeping Monk appears as two very different roles. Opening about this, Sharman revealed he loves the few big outsider elements of the character. Besides, Daniel said that he enjoys playing the role of an outsider or people usually misunderstood.

Comparing both of his roles, Sharman spoke about the volatility of Troy and how his internal life appears out on the plate. On the other hand, he admitted that he has to seem emotionally devoid for The Weeping Monk.

Daniel made it clear as he said he had a lot of fun to play Troy who could relate to people. However, Sharman found that a bit off while adding that he didn’t want that. The actor liked the idea of removing all empathy out of his Cursed character. Furthermore, he wants the audience to take longer to get to know the character, the person.

He also pointed out that the two characters do have some similar qualities. Daniel’s acting will keep you fully interested in his character. So if you haven’t watched Cursed Season 1 yet – what are you waiting for?

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