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The Future Of Netflix Series Dark – Will Netflix Give The Green Signal For Season 4?

Netflix series Dark has taken the audience by storm since its release. And since quarantine, it has managed to garner the attention of many more viewers who turned into fans of the show. The mystery drama series, which includes supernatural elements, has quickly reserved a place in the popular shows list. Besides, season 3 premiered last month on June 27, 2020. It, for sure, captured our attention, and most of the viewers binge-watched it in a day or two. We know you did too!

Will Netflix consider the audiences’ wish for a season 4?

However, now everyone has one question in their minds – what about season 4? Besides, it’s well known that Netflix originally planned the third season as the final season. But fans have not had enough of the series and already want another season.

Can we look forward to Netflix renewing the show for another season? Or will they stick with their final call and end the show with three seasons. With it’s a wonderful and mysterious plot, Dark first premiered back in 2017. A hit from the beginning, the twists, thrills, and mysteries of the show kept the audience’s eyes glued to the screen.

The creators of the show want to continue the series.

At the moment, there seems no possibility for a fourth season. Besides, Baran Bo Odar, the creator of the show previously confirmed that Dark Season 3 would mark the end of the series. However, we can’t say if the streaming platform might have a change of heart and give them the green light for season 4.

Previously, Odar opened up about his plans for Dark and how he imagines the future of the show. In his Instagram posts, he made it sound like he looked forward to more seasons to complete the story.

Let’s hope that Netflix takes into consideration the creators and viewers’ wishes, and we get a fourth season for Dark! With the overwhelming response from the audience for season 3, the show deserves another season to complete the story.

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