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Tekashi69 Dropped Out From Gram Officially, After NOT BEHAVING Up-To The Mark

Since his release from prison, Tekashi 6ix9ine has made a lot of noise on his social media accounts, especially Instagram. But it seems like we won’t see the rainbow-loving rapper on the Gram anytime soon. Besides, Akademiks, Tekashi’s Internet BFF has brought to our notice that the feds have possibly booted 6ix9ine from Twitter and Instagram. Akademiks and the rapper have remained good friends thanks to their shared obsession of internet trolls.

6ix9ine‘s house arrest coming to an end…very soon

Moreover, Lil Ak posted a picture of 6ix9ine‘s Instagram profile on his account and brought light to this news. Besides, the screenshot showed that the Gooba rapper’s profile had been deactivated with the words “user not found”.

Akademiks wrote in his caption that looks like they reported 6ix9ine’s (Instagram) account to the feds. Before adding that he (Tekashi) will stay off social media indefinitely. Well, someone had to report his account…

Meanwhile, 6ix9ine’s out from prison based on a compassionate release after a health scare. The rapper’s attorneys claimed that coronavirus could take the rapper’s life as he already has asthma.

Instead, he’s currently on house arrest but already back to his old tricks. In this short span, he has already beefed with Snoop Dogg, Billboard, Future, dissed Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber amongst others. Besides, Tekashi also released two songs, Gooba and Trollz featuring Nicki Minaj.

Tekashi 6ix9ine will come back with a bang.

Safe to say that the videos (and lyrics) for both these tracks are anything but subtle. When Trollz climbed the Billboard charts and secured the no.1 spot, he celebrated to the fullest. He’s having one hell of a house arrest! Akademiks also shared a post which says Tekashi’s attorneys, as well as the feds, have asked him to stay off social media.

The rapper will be free from house arrest on August 1, and his legal team want him off social media till then. Besides, they don’t want him to get into any other controversy before that.

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6ix9ine lawyers and Federal authorities want him off social media as his freedom nears. – Story via TMZ – Tekashi 6ix9ine will be absent from social media in the last couple weeks before he regains his freedom — but he says he's coming back with a vengeance. Tekashi says as freedom nears, his legal team thinks he might mistakenly leak some crucial info about his whereabouts, meaning where he is now or where he'll be next … once he's cut loose. We're told Tekashi's team hasn't quite decided on that yet, but out of an abundance of caution they're advising he go dark for a while as they figure out that next move. Not shockingly, Tekashi says he'll be back to trolling his haters soon enough, and insists he will NOT leaving his hometown of NYC. We're told one of his lawyers feels he should reconsider … so the matter is still up in the air. At any rate, 6ix9ine tells us he plans to keep roaming the streets of the Big Apple — but adds he'll be rolling "like Trump" in that he'll have a ton of armed guards around. Specifically, he says he plans to hire 22 of them, all former law enforcement officers. Tekashi also says he's gonna have 5 bulletproof SUV-like whips to escort him around town. Despite all those heavy duty precautions … he insists he has "no fear" and is actually excited to get out and about again. As for how these final days of home confinement will go … Lazzaro says the feds will continue to drug test him, advise him and monitor his activity

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However, in his caption, Lil Ak also mentioned that Tekashi would come back with a vengeance once his sentence comes to an end.

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