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Kanye West Sticks To Rapping, YEEZY – Drops Out Of 2020 Presidential Election

Kanye West’s announcement about running for President came suddenly, and so did his decision to call the bid off too. Besides, the rapper has reportedly called off his bid and won’t run for President of the United States anymore.

Steve Kramer, a member of Kanye’s campaign team, confirmed this news and revealed he (Kanye’s) out of the race. This comes off as a shocker after West claimed he would run for President earlier this month.

Kanye’s campaign member made the official announcement.

Kanye West Sticks To Rapping, YEEZY – Drops Out Of 2020 Presidential Election

Moreover, Kramer didn’t explain in detail or hint at West’s reason to withdraw himself from the elections. He’ll give out the information he knows once he gets all the stuff canceled.

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The entire situation has left us all confused and wrecked our minds. Just an hour after Kramer’s confirmation, Ye took to his Twitter handle and shared a video. Besides, the video shows the rapper registering to vote in Wyoming for the first time.

Besides, in the clip, Kanye says that he wants to show how he just registered to vote. He also captioned that he thanks God and feels humbled at the opportunity to serve. It seems like Ye’s just as confused about this as us.

Quite a few people believe Kanye’s presidential bid was fake and a gimmick. However, Kramer put that claim to rest and revealed that the rapper had been serious before calling it off. He already had 180 people working for his campaign in Florida.

Just 2% of America’s voters rooted for Kanye

Meanwhile, while speaking about the rapper, Kramer admitted he has nothing good or bad to say about him. Before adding that his decision to run for POTUS had to be a hard one.

According to the latest US presidential poll, West had the support of only 2% voters. It’s safe to say. Not many seemed keen on Kanye’s decision to run for the 2020 elections. Better late than never, he finally realized that too. So now we’re back to square one, Trump or Biden; who will win the race?

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