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Henry Cavill’s Perfect Response To The Witcher Criticisms Will Win Your Heart

Netflix’s The Witcher Series appears as the definition of hit or miss for the show’s fan. While some viewers liked the show and had praises for it, some critics didn’t seem very impressed. On the one hand, messy editing between the different timelines adds fuel to the fire.

But on the other, we loved watching the sword fights and how it went about. With a reviewers score of 5.3 and an audience score of 7.4, The Witcher Series has managed not to turn out a total miss neither a total hit.

Henry Cavill reveals he reads all Reddit forums about the show.

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Besides, Henry Cavill, who plays the role of Geralt in the show, has a lot to look on to. Some critics poured out with positive and negative feedback about his performance. However, he revealed that he thrives on everything that people write about his performance.

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The actor admitted that he reads all the reviews on Reddit, it’s vital for him. Before adding that he tries to get all the information from Reddit forums. His next statement proved that he’s indeed a great actor and can take criticism like a champ.

Moreover, Cavill confessed that some of the criticism he tumbles upon seems incredibly useful. He makes sure to take all of that in and do his best to bring it closer to Andrzej Sapkowski’s writing.

Meanwhile, he opened up about the difficultly in portraying his character, Geralt’s inner dialogue on the screen. I’m a recent interview, Cavill said that he expected most of the criticism that came his way. Nevertheless, he wants to take them all only consideration and understand it.

Cavill’s true feelings about audience criticism

Furthermore, use them to make him better at his job and make the audience feel comfortable with his acting. The Superman actor also added that he wants the audience to think that he loves the character as much as them and understands the character too. Good news for fans!

The actor will once again star as Geralt in the second season of The Witcher Series. The shooting already started earlier this year but had to pause after the global pandemic hit. We can’t wait to see Cavill smash the role in the next season!

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