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Hailey Bieber Apologises To Former Waitress Who Gave Her A Poor Rating For “Bad Attitude” In VIRAL TikTok

It came off as a complete surprise when Hailey Bieber apologized to a hostess who exposed the model. Julia Carolan, a 23-year old former restaurant hostess/waitress, dished out all the good and bad about some celebrities. She rated celebrities who dined at the restaurants where she worked on how they acted towards the staff. Her tiktok series soon went viral in which she bashed Hailey and other celebs for their rude attitude.

Well, unfortunately for Hailey Baldwin Bieber, she didn’t get the best rating out of ten. Moreover, Carolan revealed she’d had multiple interactions with the model, but eh. She started, already claiming that this is going to be controversial.

And damn Julia, you called that. In her tiktok video, she said that everything she met Hailey (a handful of times), didn’t seem nice. Still trying not to sound very mean, the hostess added that she wants to like her but has to give her a 3.5/10. To low the blow, she didn’t forget to say sorry to Mrs.Bieber for the poor rating.

Hailey publicly said sorry to the hostess for rude behavior.

Hailey Bieber Apologises To Former Waitress Who Gave Her A Poor Rating For “Bad Attitude” In VIRAL TikTok Hailey Bieber Apologises To Former Waitress Who Gave Her A Poor Rating For “Bad Attitude” In VIRAL TikTok

Besides, just like Julia claimed, the video did catch a lot of controversies. And soon, the video reached Hailey herself. Moreover, not only did the Tiktok series get Carolan a lot of fame and likes but also Hailey’s apology!

The model addressed the situation and said sorry to Carolan. Not only that, but she wrote that she wanted to apologize if she has ever given her bad vibes or bad attitudes. She ended her apology, saying that’s never her intention. Phew! After Hailey’s sincere apology, will the other celebs featured in the videos follow up?

Hailey Bieber

Moreover, Carolan, a college graduate, worked at TAO Group’s restaurants for a good old 10 months, followed by another 10 months Nobu Downtown.

Furthermore, if you keep up with the celeb news, these restaurants attract models and celebrities like the Jenners, Kardashians, Hadids, Queen Bey (and of course, Hailey), amongst others. The 23-year old hostess rated a few other celebrities too, some good and some bad. Safe to say, she didn’t hold back on her opinions.

Here’s what Julia had to say about the Hadid sisters

The video first starts with her rating the Hadid sisters, Gigi and Bella. These two proved that they’re not only Victoria Secret Angels but also real-life angels! Speaking about them, Julia called them ‘literally so nice,’ super polite.

She added that they’re super polite with the staff, something very uncommon for celebrities. And last but not least, they gave them a solid 10 out of 10. Moving forward, she spilled the tea on Kylie Jenner and revealed that the billionaire sucks at giving tips.

The Jenner sisters couldn’t keep up with the good ratings…

Moreover, Carolan dished that Kylie seemed fine, but she tipped $20 on a $500 bill. Besides, in return, the hostess rated her a low 2/10. We all know the rules of tipping. Kylie needs to step up in this department.

Whereas for her elder sister, Kendall Jenner earned an average of 4/10 from Julia. She seemed cold towards the staff and made someone order for her. Do check Julia’s videos out to see her ratings on other celebs like Beyoncé (internal squeals), Nick Jonas, Cameron Dallas, and more.

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