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Netflix Makes Royal Announcement – The Crown Officially Gets A Season 6

We all seemed heartbroken when Netflix previously announced that The Crown would only have five seasons. The streaming giant made this announcement back in January, and since then, things have pretty much taken a turn.

We have some good news for the Netflix series’ fans…”The Crown” will stick to their original plan and have six seasons! That means one more season for viewers to look forward to. The popular show’s based on the story of Britain’s Royal family and has had great reviews.

Netflix backtracked…The Crown season 6 in the makes!

Moreover, the makers of the show had made a rash decision to cut down one season of the series and bring it down to five. But it seems like that didn’t turn out well, and now it’s back to square one.

Peter Morgan, the writer, creator, and executive producer of the show, gave some hindsight about their decision. Besides, he revealed that season 5 alone would not do enough justice to the richness and the complexity of the story of the royals. Hence, to add every small detail, they decided to stick with the original plan.

Morgan made it clear that the viewers won’t get to see a further extended storyline. Instead, they will cover the same period in both seasons 5 and 6, but with greater detail. Well, he just made it clear that we won’t get to see the drama between the royals and Megan Markle on screen.

Meanwhile, in short, the show will focus on Queen Olivia Colman and then onto Imelda Staunton after the crown’s passed. He added that they have already reached halfway through, and the excitement has already started building up.

The Crown Season 4 ready to hit the screens?

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Back in January, Netflix made the final decision that the show will come to an end after the fifth season. But it seems like even the streaming giant couldn’t have enough of the show.

Besides, fans have eagerly been waiting for the fourth season of the show, which already has everyone’s hopes high. However, till now, the final premiere date for The Crown season 4 remains a mystery.

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