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Ross And Rachael’s Perfect Yet Toxic Relationship On Friends UNRAVELED

Ross And Rachael, Rachael and Ross, these two were on the lips of everyone back in the 90s. The couple took on their romantic rollercoaster ride on the famous sitcom Friends. Even now, the couple doesn’t fail to lure us in with their relationship.

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Jennifer Aniston plays Rachael Green, and David Schwimmer plays the character of Ross Geller on the show. Their online chemistry onscreen has been one of the biggest highlights of the show Friends.

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But let’s face it Ross and Rachael were not always perfect. Their relationship had flaws. In this article, we will explore the part perfect and part toxic relationship between Ross and Rachael on Friends.

Ross And Rachael’s Relationship Explored!

Ross’s Perfect Prom With Racheal

We cannot forget the part where Ross back in his teens was all about Rachael, and he had planned to go to the prom with her. But Racheal, at the end moment, spilled cold water on his plans. This was a romantic gesture by Ross on the show.

Their On And Off Relationship

Ross and Racheal had a toxic on and off the relationship. The couple kept making and breaking up throughout the series. They did get together in the end but at the cost of fighting all along with the series.

When Rachael Got Off The Plane

The time when Rachael ditched Paris and her job just to start with her beau Ross in New York was one magical moment in the show. This showed how perfectly in love the couple was.

Ross, A Jealous Boyfriend

Ross Geller was one jealous boyfriend. He, in a way, interfered with Rachel’s job or work. The time when he ended up sending her gifts to her workplace showed how insecure a boyfriend he was.

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Well, the two did deal with a lot in their onscreen relationship. But it all came to a happy ending when they came together in the end as they were meant to be.

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