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Uhtred And Whitgar To Battle For Homeland. Who Will Survive? – The Last Kingdom S5 INSIGHTS

We might not have dictatorship anymore, but fans around the world are expecting Netflix series The Last Kingdom to come back! With only four seasons till now, the series has earned itself some very loyal fanbase who are expecting The Last Kingdom Season 5.

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Series, The Last Kingdom, Is A Mix Of Realities And Novelistic Drama 

The Last Kingdom is a historical drama. And even though the storyline is fiction but it does have traces around some of the histories. The series is heavily inspired by the novels titled, The Saxon Stories. It’s all about battles, rivalries, and politics! And so far, people have showered the series with nothing but love.

Show-makers Are Hopeful For The Last Kingdom Season 5 

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The Last Kingdom Season 4 was released in April this year. So it’ll be too soon to say anything about season 5. It hasn’t even been renewed yet. We don’t know when it’ll be renewed either. The makers of the series The Last Kingdom in a recent interview shared that they are hoping to hear about a renewal soon.

The series has been a huge success so far, so we may expect an official announcement anytime now. And when it does, we may expect it by late 2021 or early 2022.

Big Star Cast To Be Back For The Last Kingdom Season 5 

Even though the series has been all about rivalries and battles, the protagonist is not dead yet. So we will have Alexander Dreymon back along with Emily Cox and Joseph Millson.

We might have some new faces along with the original cast.

Will Brida Get Her Revenge From Uhtred And Saxons? What’s The Expected Plot?

In The Last Kingdom Season 4, we saw that Uhtred finally met his children, Young and Stiorra, and both of them are just like their father. They are stubborn and want to have their way in the world. Stiorra was on-board with the idea of being used as a bait for the Danes and Saxon to have a peace talk. And Young decided to go ahead with the church and continue his education.

We also saw that Uhtred failed terribly to get his home Bebbanburg back, and his cousin Whitgar is sitting on the throne. And he very clearly said it out loud that no one claiming their right on his kingdom shall be left alive. So we know that he’s going to hunt Uhtred.

Apart from that, we last saw Brida when she was giving birth to Ragnar’s child. And she still wants Uhtred and the Saxons to pay for what they did. So we may expect to see her back in The Last Kingdom Season 5 and maybe with an army of her own.

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