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The Top 10 Movies Of The Week PERFECT For Your Movie Marathon – 365 Days, Eurovision & MORE

Netflix plays quite an important part of our lives and takes up most of our time too! The guilty pleasure of Netflix and chill has us scrolling through looking for endless movies and TV series to watch. But at the end of the day, we stick to the same movie or show and watch it for the billionth time, again.

Well, if you’re confused about what to watch next, don’t worry anymore. We’re here to let you know the most-watched movies on Netflix this weekend. So all you cinephiles, take notes, and start binge-watching right now!

Tune into Independence Week with these classics and originals

Besides, if you didn’t know, Netflix comes up with regular new rankings of the most-watched and current favorites. From tv shows to movies, they update you about what’s in trend right now. However, the most-watched movie this weekend took us by surprise.

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No doubt, Mark Wahlberg’s 2017 thriller, Patriots Day, has been underrated but not anymore! The informative movie about the Boston Marathon Bombing stole the spotlight this week. And not to forget this movie’s perfect for Independence Day weekend.

Moreover, Ben Affleck’s ‘The Town’ takes second place in this week’s list. The actor plays the role of a career bank robber in the movie and falls in love with the bank manager. But the twist? He might have kidnapped that bank robber. The movie got a critics rating of 93% and kept you on the edge of your seats.

While this Netflix original only has a critics rating of 25%, it seems to have stolen the heart of the audience. Desperados feature a hopeless romantic who sends a drunken email and takes a trip to Mexico along with her best friends. Besides, she has one mission, erase the note.

365 Days has caused Gen Z’s to go in a frenzy

Furthermore, another Netflix original ‘Eurovision’ takes fourth place. The story revolves around two small-town singers with many dreams. Join them as they chase their dreams while endless challenges test their bond. Well, the fifth spot seems to have a very talked-about movie.

We don’t even need to say much about 365 days! Not only did this mafia boss movie take Netflix by storm but also Tiktok. The story might seem a bit too cliche where the mafia boss kidnaps a woman and challenges her that she’ll fall in love with him in a year, aka 365 days. Not to forget, the sexual energy in this movie is astronomical.

The list continues with spectacular movies like A Thousand Words, Extraction, the loved classic ‘Despicable Me.’ If you’re all in for animations, ‘The Nut Job’ takes number 9, followed by Splice. So hop onto the bandwagon and start your movie marathon with extra popcorn now!

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