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Miley Cyrus’s Shout-Out For Liberty And Justice This Independence Day Pumps Netizens

Miley Cyrus has been very vocal about specific issues lately. Call it the black lives matter movement or burning topics on the LGBTQ community, Miley never shies away from voicing her concerns and opinions.

She isn’t just a pop star; instead, she has come up has a person with an opinion. Her recent Instagram post is a real inspirational one. Miley can be seen voicing her concerns about the world and her home state.

The fourth of July is America’s independence day. But Miley does not find the current state of events as liberating at all. She made this very much clear with her latest post.

“It’s Not A Party In The USA”

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Miley Cyrus’s famous song, “Party In The U.S. A,” has been an all-time hit. Round this time of the year, when the U.S. celebrates its independence, this very song gains a lot of momentum. It has become an independence-anthem over the years.


Miley Cyrus posted a three-year-old video on her Instagram handle on the 4th of July. In which was seen performing to this very song of hers. In the video, there was no trace of her singing but a wonderful message.

Miley was seen calling out to the public that it is never a party in the USA until people are given equal opportunities, freedom, healthcare, etc. She was seen preaching the concepts of equality and freedom in the video.

“Feels Even More Relevant Now”

Miley posted this and captioned it by writing that it feels even more relevant now. Given the state of the U.S. in the unprecedented growth of coronavirus. And the anti-racism movement going on, things are not at their best.

All Miley Cyrus wants is equality, compassion, freedom, education, and non-violence. She wants these concepts to be a reality. When this is achieved, the U.S. will truly become a  free state. Celebrations done then will make sense once and for all.

Vaagisha Singh
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