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Everything A Fan Must Need To Know About Altered Carbon Season 3 Release Date [UPDATE]

Netflix is known for bringing in different movies and series of different genres to engage all the sections of the audience. Even this has been the success formula for Netflix right from its release.

One such series that different compared to all is Altered Carbon. This is based on Richard K.Morgan’s novel. Till now, two seasons have released on Netflix. Fans are eagerly waiting for the next season to unfold the unanswered questions.

Scrutinizing the Plot :

This series will take place in Bay City, where it shows all the technological impacts on the development and the human race after 300 years from now. Exciting new technologies can be witnessed in this series.

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This becomes the attractive mainstay factor of the series. In addition to this, there are a lot of unanswered questions that fans are expecting to get answers in the third season. The relation between Dig and Poe will be a lot more centralized in the third season.

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Same soldier, different sleeve.

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While the most anticipated question is what has happened to Kovacs and Reileen, so the third season fight solves these mysteries by bringing in some more twists and answered questions keeping up the standards of this show.


Shut down of shooting due to lockdown :

Season two of the Altered Carbon has left many loose bounds that are to be tied soon. So fans have speculated that there is a definite season three. Considering the corona pandemic, all the production works of the series are currently ceased.

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Not your average bounty hunter.

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But the team is soon set to shoot the left out part. Once the considerable amount of shooting is done, fans can expect about the release of the trailer to get a glimpse of this series third season.

So talking about the release of the third season, if everything goes as planned after this pandemic. Then fans can expect the third installment of Altered Carbon to hit Netflix somewhere in 2021.

All fans can do as of now is to rewind the past seasons of Altered Carbon. And maintain the love and enthusiasm for the series like always.

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