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Dan Bilzerian Stunned Us By Answering Hot-Raging Sex-Question On Instagram!

Dan Bilzerian is one of the most popular guys amongst ladies. He is always spotted amidst girls. Well, we cannot blame that girl. Dan really has that personality and charisma that attracts girls towards him.

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Life before bats

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Recently, Dan took to Instagram and answered one of the most raging questions that fans have always been inquisitive to learn about him.

Dan’s Shocking Revelation Below!

Given all the girls he is around, fans could not help but wonder what Dan must be up to with them. So, one of them went on to ask a rather personal question. A fan asked Dan to tell his many times he engages in sexual intercourse in a week.

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Going through old pics, this book gonna be crazy

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Well, his reply baffled us all. Dan said that it was twice in a rather which accounts to 14 times in a week minimum. This crazy revelation gas has been making headlines lately.

According to research, it is said that couples who indulge in sexual intercourse at least once in a week are happy with their lives. Given Dan’s insane numbers, he must be the happiest man in the world.

Fans Learn Dan’s Secret!

Now, Fans of Dan are eager yo know what really attracts girls. Well, Dan has a simple answer for this. He went on to say that girls do not care if a guy is dumb. If a guy sports a lavish lifestyle and has those luxuries, girls will come his way.

Well, the credibility of this very statement is questionable. But Dan did give guys out there seeking girls his mantra.

Dan is indeed a hit amongst girls. He is at any point of time surrounded by a swarm of them. Guys have always wanted to know what made him this fortunate and now tet know why. This intimate revelation made by Dan has indeed stunned netizens a lot.

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