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50 Cent Intentionally PASSES Few Disses Back At Meek Mill At A Talk Show With Lil Wayne

It is quite common for the rappers to diss against anyone they seem to do something wrong. They do not just diss in their rap tracks but also at times they diss in the real world like in the interviews. One such diss has recently come put from 50 cent.

Accusations from 50 cent :

With the corona pandemic spreading all over, everyone is staying indoors. Many projects have also come to a halt due to this lockdown. So in such critical times, following the guidelines of social distancing stars are being participated in the talk shows using social media platforms. So during the latest episode of Young Money Radio, Lil Wayne is seen hosting 50 cent.

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So while the interaction is taking place, 50 Cent has said about a person stating how one could representing the prison reform can sign in for a correctional officer. After seeing this, how could he be like normal? This has triggered 50 cent a lot, and he spelled it out in front of Lil Wayne.

He was talking about the person he further said that he is not going to reveal the name of the person out. But many fans after hearing the statements from 50 cent speculated the person to be Meek as he has signed for Rick Ross, the correctional officer in 2011.

The very next year, he has signed up to the Roc Nation in 2012, who was the cooperating witness for the Drug Enforcement.

Accusation on Tekashi :

In the recent past, Meek Mill has accused the rapper, Tekashi 6ix9ine, for cooperating with the federal racketeering team. This made Tekashi 6ix9ine oust out at Meek Mill. So he took to Instagram to post about him saying that he was nobody after Nicki left him.

He even further said that once remember what drake has stated, whether it was your tour or your girl’s tour. So Tekashi has indeed given a hard slap reply to the accusations of Meek Mill.

For this, Meek Mill has later reacted on his twitter by writing a tweet stating that they must stop it as it is too heavy. He further said that they were trying to group up and turned him down because they are corny niggas. Finished off the tweet with a comedy lol.

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