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When Is Elsa Going To Freeze Us With Her Magic ‘Online’? – Frozen 2 INSIGHTS

We can never be thankful enough to Disney for launching their online streaming app- Disney Plus. Entry into it brings back all the epic masterpieces we used to watch back in childhood.

While Disney continues to make more, we hardly have time to catch a release on the big screens. However, Disney Plus has made it all easy. Cosying up on our sofas with popcorn bowls, the app brings back all the memories home.

Guess which epic hit is on Disney Plus UK now? Frozen 2! Shivering, eh?

On Disney Plus+ the UK

After being a massive hit on the big theatres, the makers have decided to bring back Elsa’s magic on our TV screens through Disney Plus. The movie is all set to air on the streaming app from July 3rd which means, it’s already on board! Amazon Prime took to air it on its screens the same day too.

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Disney Plus the US has already put it on its app and it ‘surprised’ its fans too by putting up a tweet!

Disney Plus UK is the latest release for it launched on March 24th this year, much to the fans’ delight.

It has most of the best Disney releases right from Tangled to Aladdin. With around 500 movies and 350 series, the app is a sure hit amongst the youngsters who are developing their fine taste and the adults who have had their share of fantasy and fairytales.

The Other Parts Of Frozen

Apart from the recently released Frozen 2, the app has its parent movie- Frozen too. Alongside, it has the popular Behind The Scenes Series of Frozen, named ‘Into The Unknown: Making Frozen 2 with Olaf’s Frozen Adventure which follows the journey of the cute snowman we all have a crush on.


Recently, Radio Times hosted an online interactive and candid interview with the team of Frozen 2 where the team spoke about the next movie on the Frozen series and the Frozen-Pocahontas collab too!

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