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The Ellen Show Is On The Verge Of Cancellation Due To Poor Ratings Like NEVER Before

One celebrity who is having a hard time this quarantine is undoubtedly Ellen DeGeneres. Many stars who have attended the show and even the crew have started accusing of her rude behavior off the screen. Moreover, many speculations are heading up for The Ellen Show to be suspended due to bad ratings.

Her rude behavior exposed :

It all started when the crew members of the show began saying worries over their paychecks. Ellen has stopped paying their salaries. Coming to torture, Ellen has fired many employees for many silly reasons. She even does not allow any crew members to eat during the show.

Then soon came statements from the Nikki Tutorials stating that the care that Ellen shows towards the guests is entirely demeaning. There was even not a separate toilet for the guest. She described Ellen to be that kind of host who does not even say a hi outside the show.

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Many fans on Twitter also commented against Ellen and her actions. They started saying few words out about Ellen as it quite means and so not satisfying to see a celebrity like Ellen who is known to mingle with stars in no time, has no time to become friends out of the show. So many have backlashed at her for such obscene behavior.

Besides all this, her behavior towards fellow crew members is too pathetic. No such person must gain such money and fame.

Speculation of show’s cancellation :

After the lower show ratings for The Ellen show, people are speculating for its cancellation soon. While reacting to these, the representatives have come up with a statement regarding this issue.

They have told out that The Ellen show was running successfully for more than 17 years since 2003. So undoubtedly they have no idea of canceling this show soon. So this is indeed happy news for both Ellen and the people who love Ellen’s show.

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