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Lockdown BIRTHDAY Goals As Ariana Grande Steppin’ Into 27 With Midsommar’ Theme Celebrations 

We all have seen fans doing all sorts of things for their favourite movies or characters. Some post pictures in their rooms while some make their favourite characters into a Halloween costume. But the 7 Rings singer Ariana Grande took her fandom to new heights for her 27th celebrations.

Ariana Grande Celebrated “Midsommar” 27th Amidst Pandemic 

Ariana Grande has been the one with all the celebrations. She recently bought two new houses for herself, and now she just turned 27. With so much breaking news around here, it did call for a big celebration. However, since the Pandemic isn’t over yet, she didn’t have a huge party for her birthday. But she did show how it should be celebrated!

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Grande took to Instagram to show her 192 million followers how she celebrated her 27th birthday. The theme of the party was heavily inspired by the horror-drama movie ‘Midsommar’. She had her house filled with flowers and floral decorations. And not just the house, she even made sure that her guests wear flower crowns along with her.

She also decorated her birthday dinner table in the same fashion. She elegantly used the flowers to decorate the table. It had centerpieces filled with colorful flowers over a white table cloth. And to finish the perfect Midsommar table, the centerpieces were sided by the white and golden candles.

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Her ‘Midsommar’ celebrations included only her close friends and family in the guest list. She indeed enjoyed her birthday with her newfound love Dalton Gomez.

Ariana Grande Gets Birthday Kisses from Dalton Gomez as Couple ...

Ariana Grande’s Been Busy Throughout Quarantine 

Ariana Grande seemed to be busiest throughout the quarantine period. She collaborated with Lady Gaga over a new single, titled ‘Rain on me’. She also collaborated with Justin Bieber for another song titled, ‘Stuck with U’ which topped the Billboard’s Hot 100 chart.

And she was very recently in the news for spending millions over her two new houses!

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