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Kingdom Season 3 Renewal Announcement: Which Demons Will Haunt Us In Upcoming Season?

Kindown is one of the most loved horror flicks on Netflix. It is also amongst the best non-English series on the popular streaming site. The series is based on the novels written by Kim Eun- hee. Kim itself writes even the series. This South Korean series finished two successful seasons, and now it is going to get renewed for a third season.

This announcement took the fans of the Kingdom by many surprises, and since then, they have been fan theories about what the next installment of Kingdom will be like.

How Many Seasons Can One Expect Kingdom To Come-up With?

While in an interview with the writer of the South Korean series, Kim Eun- Hee said that writing this very show has been a rejuvenating experience for her. She said that the more she writes, the more inspired she gets to write.

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Kim even went on to say that she is open to writing up to 10 seasons for Kingdom. Well, this is Kim’s outlook. We do not know what the creators of the show are open to.

Kim Eun- hee even said that the cast of the show is dedicated, and they have been exploring and improvising their characters to a very large extent. Well, this is true for sure. The characters of the show have done a splendid job indeed.

What To Expect In Kingdom S3?

Fans have been putting forward their theories. But there are a few obvious details that we can see unraveling in the upcoming season. After Prince Chang faked his death, he has been on a constant move.

He moves along with his guard to the North, and one can expect an outbreak in there. We may find Prince Chang retreating from the North, given the small party of warriors he has against the opposing team.

Kingdom' Season 3: Renewal Status, What to Expect & Netflix ...

In addition to this, we can expect to get to know about the real intentions of the plant seller, who Chang and his party have been finding. Then there is the mystery about the new undead prince and the possibility of a cure for the curse.

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