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Jason Lewis In-Incognito Mode With Quarantine Mustache And Perfect Jawline

The Sex & The City actor Jason Lewis has made good use of his quarantine time. The actor who is 49 years old now ha been know for his good boy stature in the popular series Sex & The City.

It has been two decades since the show ceased to exists. But Lewis has not gotten enough of sporting his perfect looks. The actor was recently seen sporting the perfect mustache and look.

Jason Lewis’s New Avatar!

This new avatar of Jason Lewis is as hunky as his overall look during his Sex & The City days. Even though it has been a long time since then, the actor has the same charisma. In his new long mustache, the actor was kind of unrecognizable. This look of his case in the public eye when the actor appeared for an interview on June 30 on Australia’s The Morning Show.

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His overall look gave an air of ruggedness and mystery to his fans. Well, gone are the days when girls used to go mad about his long golden locks. But it looks like ladies shave got something new to crush over given Jason has something new and renewed to offer us all.

Jason’s Charity Work!

Jason Lewis, in the interview, shed light on a lot of topics. One of them was his association with a charitable organization that goes by the name Best Buddies. This organization aims to end social isolation and provide work opportunities to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

In addition to this, Jason Lewis also reminisced his time as a prominent face of Sex & The City in the interview. He was quirky and candid while discussing his former show. When asked why people loved and still love Sex & The City a lot, to this, he answered by saying that the title of the show starts with the word ‘sex,’ and that is what attracts all the attention.

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