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Gigi Hadid Discloses Her Secret Behind Hiding The Baby Bump

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are undoubtedly the most dynamic pairs of Hollywood. Despite many ups and downs, they have finally made up to extend their love with a baby blessing. Yes, you hear right, Gigi Hadid is now pregnant of four months. Most of the people would get surprised over this news because no one has spotted the baby bump of Gigi Hadid.

Their love circus :

Gigi Hadid Discloses Her Secret Behind Hiding The Baby Bump

The love between Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik is similar to many Hollywood couples. But they have a unique thing in their relationship, that though they were broken apart, they have never engaged themselves in another relation.

They so stuck to each other that either they used to be together in love or separate from each other over the fight. So ultimately, they were endorsed in each other’s love, hatred, anger, and all emotions.

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Recently they have finally decided to be together forever. This resulted in Gigi Hadid becoming pregnant. So to this fantastic couple to make them more amazing, a baby is going to enter into their life.

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Her baby bump secret :

Many fans were confused and even shocked hearing about the pregnancy news of Gigi Hadid. While many have commented on her social media accounts saying how she could cover her bump being a four-month pregnant, they could all see her flat tummy.

Talking about this, she replied in her comments section, saying that it all takes is a good attire and an angle to cover it. To know the truth of the baby bump, the side is more than enough to justify it.

While talking in an interview, she said that it was indeed a priceless moment for the couple. They wanted to share it with the fans in public. But the situations did not support that while talking about the diet, she said that from eating meals to celebrating cakes, all she took in was a bagel.

All-day long, she took them no matter what. Anyways now she is revealing her pregnancy and thanks to all the people out there who wished for the betterment of the couple and the baby.

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