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Camila Morrone On A Romantic Date With Leonardo DiCaprio – CAUGHT Under The Cams

Leonardo DiCaprio and Camilla Morrone were dating from 2017, and no one knows about this. The couple so good in keeping their relationship so romantic as well as secretive from the public.

Their track of love :

In 2017 after DiCaprio left his ex Nina Agdal, he got himself into Camila. In January 2018, they were spotted vacationing in the Aspen. Tobey Maguire was also present along with his kids.

So people could not think much out of this tour. In August 2018, they enjoy themselves on the wonderful journey of the actor’s yacht and island. They have good meals at the place and move back to their normal lives.

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In November 2018, the couple was spotted in a football match where a report has come up that Leonardo is so much into Camilo. But marriage is nowhere near to their plans. In July 2019, Camila posted a picture of the Hollywood couple Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, captioning a love like this.

This made all to trigger that she is indirectly bringing out the huge age difference between herself and DiCaprio. She even posted a video that reacted to the people about these age differences. Since them, they have attended many award functions together, making people believe more about their relationship.

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A love like this

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Spotted having their lunch :

The Japanese restaurant Nobu in Malibu is a world-famous one. Previously many stars like Justin Bieber, David Beckham, and many such stars have gone there. Now Camila Morrone is spotted with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Coming to the looks, Leonardo DiCaprio was utterly unrecognizable with a short, mask and hoodie while his girlfriend was sported in casual wear with a mask on her face. Many are speculating that Camila Morrone has also met DiCaprio’s mother, and she wants to marry him. To hear this news officially, it would take some time considering the secrecy of the couple.

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