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Ashley Tisdale And Sprouse Twins Had An ‘Insta’ Reunion; Tisdale Couldn’t Contain Her Laughter

The chocolate ‘twin’ boys of ‘noughties’ Dylan and Cole Sprouse have always been under the spotlight for being the poster boys! Teens back in the 2000s fangirled them like crazy, and we still laugh about all the Disney moments we spent watching the two sizzle on screen.

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The two became famous with their Disney series ‘Suite Life Of Zack and Cody’ where the twins played the leads and thus became household names.

Throwback Thursday

The 27-year old Dylan recently took to Instagram to share a throwback picture challenging his fans ‘not to get aroused’. Well, he surely knows how many girls die for those looks, doesn’t he?

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Try not to get aroused

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However, apart from the handsome two, actress Ashley Tisdale’s comment and reaction caught our eyes. She could not contain her laughter and commented ‘Omg do I remember those mullets’

For the ones confused and thinking, Tisdale played Maddie Fitzpatrick who was the beautiful and sweet candy shopkeeper at the Tipton Hotel and would often look after the twins so that the latter two doesn’t involve themselves in the mischiefs.

Are Tisdale And Sprouse Twins Still Friends?

It’s been twelve years to the show, and even though the fans still demand a return, many of them wonder about the off-screen equation. During the shoot, Sprouse twins and Tisdale were great friends despite the seven-years age gap.

There have been numerous allegations of the three not being in touch, moving on, or breaking apart. However, Tisdale’s December Instagram post tells another story much to the delight of the fans. She posted a picture with her ‘little brothers’ and that made all the people go aww!

She was even spotted gushing when asked about the two in an interview. She stated how well she bonded with the two and loved filming the show with them.

The kind of relationships everyone wants!

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