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The 100 Season 7 To Be The Last From The Series, Spin-Off In Order Already

Leaving any series ending is a real heartbreak. Especially the long ones, they end up becoming a part of our lives, and it gets so hard to say goodbye. Well, the same will happen to the fans of the hit Netflix series ‘The 100’.

It’s Time To Say Goodbye To The 100 

As per the latest reports, The 100 Season 7 is going to be it. It’s already off air from Netflix US. The producer of the series Jason Rothenberg revealed that he felt it wasn’t right to have The 100 Season 8. He said he didn’t want to overstay. He understood it was time to go while people love the series.

Besides, he didn’t bank on the studio to allow them to have The 100 Season 8. They might have as they did let them have 16 episodes. But it was time to go, and they were prepared to leave.

What Can The Fans Expect In The Last Chapter Of The 100 Season 7? 

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The 100 Season 7 is yet to release all the episodes for the final chapter, but Jason did reveal the end. During the interview, he said that the last chapter would have the moral of the story. He said it would be the series’s version of a happy ending. It will show the fans why the series made and what was its purpose.

He added that they are still working on the end, although they don’t know how it will look like as of now. But the fanbase for the series The 100 will understand and hopefully they’ll like it.

The 100 Spin-Off In Works Already? 

Well, the good news is, The 100 is not entirely going. There will be a spin-off to the series. And as per reports, it’s going to be 97 years in the future of the original one. The story will showcase a group of people and how they learn to deal with the dark side of the universe in a much futuristic society.

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