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Shane Dawson’s Youtube Channels Were Indefinitely Demonetized After His Apology

YouTube is so harsh to all the YouTubers who guide their videos in the wrong direction. Whenever they post videos not following guidelines, YouTube will take strict actions on them. One such YouTuber who is facing the heat right now is Shane Dawson.

His account was suspended from monetization:

Shane Dawson has in total of three youtube channels. One channel has 22.5 million subscribers, while the other two have 8.7 million and 3.7 million subscribers. He has been known for making many sensitive things out like racial bias and even using the N-word for innumerable times.

Recently he has posted an apology video in which he stated that he has regretted using many racial discrimination things in his past videos. He was disappointed with his past behavior.

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After the death of George Floyd, all are fighting for the anti-racial causes. Some are fighting with the slogan of Black lives matter. Many celebrities have also joined this moment by sharing various views on this.

While few have also donated huge money for their upliftment, so John Dawson was upset over his behavior and told that it would be okay for him even if people don’t accept his apology after all his past actions.

Action from Youtube :

Though his recent video has nothing to do with crossing or violation of guidelines, all bus accounts were from frozen from monetization as youtube took account of his older videos and the amount of backfire and the negative impact it has created.

His content had a lot of negative auro around for many years. He has been doing the same racial things and backfires for many videos. Whatever could be his intentions, the output of his videos was utterly a bad influential one’s.

However, calculating them for such huge millions of people on youtube and earning money for that content is absurd. So the spokesperson of youtube has clarified that due to his old videos, his channels were cut off from monetization by youtube.

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