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Ozark Season 4 Is Heading Up With Two Super Sized Finale Shots For One Last Time

Ozark is one of the best family crime drama series that Netflix has ever produced. Till now, three seasons were released, and without any argument, all the three seasons were bang on the right spot reaching the expectations of the audience.

Announcement of the season 4 :

Netflix has come up on June 30, to finally unleash the confirmation of the release of Season Four of the Netflix. There is a sad as well as a good thing for the audience. The unfortunate part is that it is the last season for such a successful series. While the happy news is that it is coming sooner than the fans have ever thought on Netflix. But the best news of all is that this time the finale season will have four episodes more to its usual dose of a season.

So the finale season will be having 14 episodes in total with seven and seven splittings into two mini-seasons. This strategy of two mini-seasons was not new for Netflix as it has previously done the same the Fullers house show.

Pretty much geared up :

The showrunner Chris Mundy has stated that it is had been a pretty cool journey. And giving such a handful of time for the family to wrap up the things is cooler. He is so happy for this opportunity to finish the last season in style while Jason Bateman has stated that a super-sized season will always bring the Byrde family with super-sized troubles ahead.

Cindy Holland, the vice president of the content department on Netflix. Congratulated the entire cast for working with such immense dedication to bring in life into the characters and make the audience engage with them.

She credited the entire cast for making Ozark such a gripping story. And gather in fans across the globe by impressing them with their fantastic acting skills.

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