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Jennifer Aniston Spotted Gesturing At “Mystery-Person” In Her Residence!

Jennifer Aniston recently got along with her former co-star and longtime friend Lisa Kudrow on a zoom call. Both of them shared a wonderful laugh. But, it was amidst this very conversation that Jen was spotted, making a thankful gesture towards someone. Now, the fans of the Friends star are wondering who this very person was, or was it even a person or not?

Who Was Jen Gesturing To?

Jennifer Aniston lives in her posh Beverly Hills mansion. The house is a subtle combination of luxury and comfort. Jen likes to call her home a big hug, given how relaxing it is. Jen resides with her dear dogs in this property.

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Hi from the girls across the hall 👋🏼

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So, can it be possible that Jennifer Aniston gestured at her dogs? Well, one cannot rule out that possibility. Many fans came up with their version of this mysterious being. Some said it could be her make-up artist, helper, etc.

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While others said that it could be her very own assistant. All of this is left to our imagination itself. Jennifer Aniston has not spoken on this too. All her fans can do is imagine who this mystery being is.

Jen And Lisa Share A Laugh!

Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow were seen sharing a laugh while video chatting together. Both were reminiscing their life when they were doing Friends. Lisa went on to say that the cast of Friends is like family to her. She was very close to them, and she never got to forge that kind of bond with anyone else.

Jennifer Aniston missed her best friend, Courtney Cox, while talking to Lisa. They also discussed the much-awaited Friends reunion episode. Due to coronavirus, the shooting of this very episode has been delayed. Both Jen and Lisa are hoping to get on stage and in character as soon as possible for their reunion.

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