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Dark Season 3 Is OUT On Netflix And Is Bringing Back The DEAD {Spoiler Alert}

If you are someone who likes time travelling with a lot of spooky elements, Dark is the series you are looking for. The Netflix series Dark has become a huge hit around the world. And in many countries, it’s even trending on No.1. With only two seasons till now, it is finally OUT with Dark Season 3.

What Is Series Dark All About?

The series Dark is about a German time traveller. It talks about space and fills in a couple of families in the mix. And in the first two seasons, we saw that many characters just came and left. And we thought they weren’t that important. But Dark Season 3 is defying the odds.

Who Is Coming Back In Dark Season 3?

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In Dark Season 2 we met Helene Albers. She was a nurse at the psychiatric hospital, working in the same hospital where Ulrich Nielsen was being treated. In the series, he was charged with the murder of two kids back in 1953 who was found dead in a nuclear power plant. He was also accused of the kidnapping and assaulting of Helge Doppler.

We first meet her when Eglon Tiedeman went to meet Ulrich in the hospital in 1986. And this was after he met Mikkel Nielsen who says that he is a time traveller. At that time, it looks like she didn’t play a huge role besides nursing Ulrich. So it didn’t seem like she was very important to the series until Dark Season 3 came out.

How Is Helene Albers Related To Anyone In Dark Season 3?

In Dark Season 3 we see that Katharina’s maiden name happens to be Albers. And we don’t know a lot about her family so far. All we know is that she had an abusive childhood. In the scene, she comes to the police station to defend Ulrich, who was in prison after Hannah reported.

Hannah reported that she had seen Ulrich rape Katherina. And then we see that Helene is Katherina’s MOTHER!

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