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Dan Bilzerian’s Memoir Is Racketing Up Quicker For Marketing Up Online

There has a lot that happened in the life of Dan Bilzerian. From sleeping in the hot tub with models to playing poker, he has done whatnot. So Dan Bilzerian had a thought of having a memoir of himself and made a deal for it.

This article brings in the story of Dan Bilzerian, the struggles he has faced in his life, and the way he earned his name. Later on, it brings the details of his memoir and deals with his book.

Known for his works :

Dan Bilzerian is a pretty celebrity on the internet. He has many names, like the king of Instagram and the playboy of Instagram. These names would never exaggerate him and his history of spending time with beautiful models in his hot tub. He wanted to become a Navy Seal. But after failing in that, he has started playing poker and even earned a fortune with that work.

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Going through old pics, this book gonna be crazy

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Not just the fun for a lot of hardships was also a part of his life story. He has survived the Las Vegas shooting. His luck has helped him a lot in that phase. He has also recovered from two cardiac attacks of a drug overdose.

Unscripted his book :

Byrd Leavell has accused Dan Bilzerian of being too busy and not showing any interest in his book. To clarify his statements, a representative of Dan Bilzerian has said that initially, Schuster and Simon are up with the deal to write the book.

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Writing my book

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But Dan Bilzerian did not like the book written by them.it could not reach his expectations. So Dan Bilzerian has decided to write the book on his own. Recently he has even posted on his Instagram a $ 5000 price for the best title of his book. So the memoir of Dan Bilzerian is in the last stage fonts development and soon people and expect it racketing font she internet.

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