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Adam Savage And Mother Karen Hushes Sexual Abuse Allegations By Sister Miranda

This year isn’t treating “Mythbusters’ host, Adam Savage, well. He’s been going through a lot lately with allegations from sister Miranda Pachhiana over a sexual abuse case.

Reportedly, Miranda Pachhiana. The 51-year old sister of the host, took to Westchester Supreme Court to file a lawsuit against her 52-year old brother over rape accusations.

The Lawsuit

According to the filed lawsuit. Miranda described her “horrific’ experience living with her brother in their Sleepy Hollow home, New York. When the two were around seven-eight years old.

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Reportedly, the abuse began in 1976, with Savage continuously raping his sister and force her orally and other forms of sexual abuse. He allegedly called himself the “raping blob,” too, and would force him upon her. The horrific experiences continued until 1979. According to the lawsuit, he filed.

Miranda Pacchiana - Miranda Pacchiana Photos - One Direction ...

Pacchiana happens to be a well known social worker who has always been vocal about experiences from her past. Which included her estranged relationship with family too. After she protested against the abuse from her elder sibling through her blog posts.

“Their behaviors left me feeling as though the abuse didn’t matter.” She revealed once and came out openly about how her family wanted to “brush her trauma under the rug.”

She filed her lawsuit under the New York Child Victims Act.

Savage’s Replies

Through his lawyer Andrew Brettler, he denied the claims and hopes his sister gets “all the help to find peace.” According to the lawyer’s statement. Savage informed the court that his sister has been attacking him “falsely.” And others from his family for a long time by spreading “untrue stories” to attain “financial bonanza.”


Their mother, Karen Savage, denied the allegations too. And through an official statement revealed that her daughter suffers from “mental health challenges.” And trusts Adam to be a “good man” and extends her support to him.

Adam Savage is a famous special effects designer known for his impeccable hosting career with Mythbusters.

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