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Tom Holland Naivety To Original Star Wars Trilogy, Shocks Russo Brothers!

Tom Holland is one of the most popular and youngest superheroes that we have. He is sporty and adorable at the same time. But there is one thing about him that had taken the iconic directors of Marvel Film Franchise by shock.

Russo Bros have had their share of laughs and jibes because of it. But now, they have shared this with the broader audience in one of their recent interviews.

They always look forward to helping people who had a movie gap, and one such candidate was Tom Holland. The fact that he had missed out on old superhero stuff came to light when Tom was filming Captain America: Civil War with Russo Bros.

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Tom Holland’s Dislike For Star Wars Trilogy!

Russo Bros had gotten together in an interview to tell how and why they were attracted towards the direction. Well, the seed of it was planted in the very beginning. The brothers grew up watching action flicks and related stuff. This made them take up direction as a serious profession.

Russo Brothers Reveal How They Convinced Tom Holland to Watch the Original Star Wars Trilogy After the Actor Told Them He'd Skipped It

But when they came to know that the iconic actor who plays the very iconic Spiderman has not watched the original Star Wars trilogy, they were stunned. As soon as they came to know this, they made a point to make him watch these movies. In the interview, they said that they were positive that Tom must have seen all the movies by now.

Has Tom Watched Original Star Wars?

But Tom Holland has not watched them. Tom, once on Yahoo, confessed that he had not watched the original Star Wars movies. He said that he didn’t find them interesting. Tom finds the current superhero stuff attractive. He then revealed that he hadn’t watched them.

Well, only God knows how Russo Bros would react after learning this bit about Tom.

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