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Snoop Dogg’s Recent-Instagram-Post Scrutinized By Fans As Rapper Found Allying With Kanye West!

Snoop Dogg has been changing sides lately. The celebrated Hollywood rapper has been very much vocal about his political views and opinions. He is not a fan of Trump and his administration rather a complete anti of him. But recently Snoop Dogg was found associating with Kanye West, who is an open supporter of Donald Trump.

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Bac2gether again 🎧🤜🏾🔥💯🎙

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It looks like Snoop Dogg is not having much problem associating with someone who has a different ideological tilt when it comes to politics. But his fans are unable to digest this fact.

Snoop Dogg Being Called A “Hypocrite”

No wonder Snoop Dogg is being called a hypocrite by his fans on Twitter. The rapper has aways criticized Trump his way. In addition to this, he has also never shied away from raising his voice against the ones who support Trump. He has on several occasions criticized Kanye West too for supporting Trump.

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But in Snoop Dogg’s recent Instagram post, it was seen that he and Kanye West were getting along really fine. They had assembled in Snoop Dogg’s studio, and it looked like they were having a good time together.

Snoop Dogg’s Hypocrisy Pointed-Out On Twitter!

Twitter had swarmed wit tweets suggesting Snoop Dogg’s hypocrisy. One fan wrote that Snoop Dogg is now planning to make movies with Kanye who formerly did not even like him. Others called him the biggest hypocrite alive. Kanye West has been Trump’s supporter for a long time. Also in March recently, Kanye said that he has his allegiance to Trump.

Others on Twitter said that Snoop Dogg had hated Kim and Kanye West for so long now. But him changing his course of action with the announcement of making new music and movies with Kanye is a huge blow-up. Many are also saying that Snoop Dogg would do anything for generating business.

Kanye West pictured separately alongside Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg in the studio together

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