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Katy Perry’s Candid-Account Of Overcoming Dark-Times And Wonders Of Gratitude!

Katy Perry has recently opened up a lot about her personal and professional life. The singer had a rough patch a few years back. But now she is fine. But the songstress wants the world to know the mantra that got her out of the blues.

Breakup With Orlando Bloom Tore Katy!

Back in the year 2017, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom had broken up. This had shuddered her to her core. With her album, she was not doing so great and her being all lonely in her personal life.

The singer had nothing to rely on. But now Katy is going secure with her boyfriend, Orlando Bloom. They are expecting their first child together. They are going to be blessed with a baby girl.

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But getting to this point was not very much easy for her. She had to overcome her mental issues and even the urge to commit suicide.

Gratitude Saved Katy Perry!

Katy Perry, in an interview, said that it was gratitude that saved her. That was her mantra for coping up with depression and suicidal thoughts. The Fireworks singer was experiencing backlash from every direction in her life.

In a situation like this being hopeful and grateful can be difficult. But she said that all she had was gratitude left to save her. Had she not being thankful for her life, she must have jumped.

Katy told in the interview that she found ways to show gratitude. The first thing that she did after waking up was that she thanked God for giving her every day. Then she would show her gratefulness for everything she has in life.

Katy started appreciating the little things in life. Soon, good things started happening to her. Now, Katy Perry si content with her boyfriend, Orlando Bloom. She is even expecting a baby her way with him.

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