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Funny Reaction Of Gerard Butler’s Mom While He Was Marrying Jennifer Aniston

Back then in 2010, Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston are the most talked celebrities on the Internet and the gossip articles all over. It is quite common to see the names of the celebrities in the news when they act with great intensity and chemistry. So this article covers the on-screen and off-screen journey of Jennifer Aniston with Gerard Butler and her mother.

A funny incident while wedding :

The Bounty Hunter is the first movie of both Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler together. The audience was thoroughly amazed by the performance of the stars. The best part of the movie is the chemistry they maintained together. So they were the most talked celebrities at that time.

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They were about to marry in the shooting. At that time, Gerard Butler has a phone in his pockets and all of a sudden he gets a call from his mother.

So he just picks up the call talking to her that he was busy right now as he was marrying Jennifer Aniston. Then Jennifer Aniston showed interest in talking to Gerard Butler’s mother. This was quite a hilarious incident that happened on sets.

The duo interaction :

Since then the mother of Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston have been very good friends. Both were golfers and played together a lot. Gerard has also said that his mother wished Jennifer Aniston to Scotland to have sights always.

In this way, they used to hang a lot. So in this way, Jennifer Aniston was pretty much cool and caring towards Gerard and his mother. Even many media people have started asking Gerard Butler if the rumours of both were true or not.

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For all these questions, he has answered absolutely with a smile grin on his face. These seem clear for the people that many rumours that circulated the two stars were true.

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