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50 Cent Addresses Eminem As The World’s Best Rapper And Credits Him For His Hit Collaborations

50 Cent and Eminem are one of the biggest names in the rap industry. Many people look up to their inspiring stories about how they have raised themselves to glory. There are many generous words told out by 50 Cent on Eminem about how amazing he was.

Their duo was always a sensation :

While walking through the hall of fame ceremony on June 28, 50 cents was spotted with Eminem. Both were hanging out a lot. Their amazing friendship started with their first collaboration Patiently Waiting. It was a chartbuster hit at that time in 2003. It was also featured in getting Rich or Die Trying.

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From then there was no stopping was the duo. They have produced some amazing collaborations like Never enough, Pyscho, Remember the Name and many such. Along with their song tracks, their track on friendship has also been evolved in a great way.

Recently speaking about Eminem and collaborations with him, 50 Cent has said that their collaborations would always be a big hit. And he further said all credits go to Eminem being the best rapper in the world. So what more a complement can anyone expect from 50 Cent in about rapping.

Not just dissing :

Eminem is known to diss many artists and companies which turned out to be pretty bad for them. Many artists have even lost their careers after the diss from Eminem. Such hard was his diss in rapping. But he was not entirely meaningful to others. He shares quite good relations with people.

For example, all can take a look at 50 Cent and his relation with Eminem. Eminem has been an inspiration to millions for the struggle and hardships he faced right from his childhood. It is like a dream come true for such a boy to reach such great heights. This is the main reason behind his disses to be so hard. They reflect his past experiences.

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