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Will Nadia And Alan Will Ever Solve The Video Game Loop In Russian Doll Season 2?

With monsoon season hitting in, it’s raining on Netflix too. Netflix has been increasing its library with new series to binge-watch and some more seasons for pre-existing series. And finally, after a long wait, we have some news on the series Russian Doll about Season 2.

When Is Russian Doll Season 2 Hittin’ Screens?

The series was released in February last year. And Russian Doll Season 1 was a huge hit. It even grabbed 13 Emmy Nominations. So it isn’t really surprising that fans are now asking for more. Fans have been anticipating the arrival of Russian Doll Season 2 for a long time now.

Back in June last year, we got a confirmation post from the official Instagram page of the Russian Doll series regarding Season 2. The post said that the series had been renewed. And we were all rooting to have Russian Doll Season 2 on her screens by sometime this year. As per some reports, the filming was supposed to start in May 2020. But the coronavirus pandemic crushed all our dreams. Because of the nationwide lockdown, the shoot has been put on hold.

Now, we don’t know when the shoot will start and when the series will be released.  But we do have our fingers crossed!

Is Everyone From First Season Coming Back For Russian Doll Season 2?

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We didn’t have anyone dying in Russian Doll Season 1. And the ones who died, they got stuck in a video game loop. So we will have the O.G cast back for Russian Doll Season 2. The main characters like Nadia (Natasha Lyonne), Alan (Charlie Barnett), Maxine (Greta Lee), and the rest are surely coming back. We might have some new actors in the new season. But there is no official confirmation yet.

Will Nadia And Alan Ever Find Their Way Back To Each Other?

Russian Doll Season 1

So far in the series, we saw that Nadia died in an accident and then woke up back to her birthday party. On the other hand, another guy named Alan committed suicide and woke up back in the same loop. And since then, they both die together and then wake up back in the same loop over and over again. Soon after, Nadia realizes that they both are stuck in a loop.

They need to figure out a way to solve the video game before they die. The season ended at Nadia and Alan being stuck in different dimensions. And neither of them recognize each other anymore.

With a cliffhanger ending, the show has become very unpredictable now. And we can’t wait for Russian Doll Season 2 to drop soon!

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