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Teen Wolf Cast Held On To Souvenirs Post Series Finale – JOINED In For Virtual Reunion

After running for good six seasons, the series Teen Wolf said goodbye to all of us in 2017. And we have missed all of them since then. The show, available on Netflix, was a huge success. Over the years, it built a loyal cult fan base. But the homie Teen Wolf cast recently had a REUNION!

40 Minutes Of Teen Wolf Memories With MTV Virtual Reunion 

The entire cast and crew of the famous series Teen Wolf recently joined in for a nostalgic virtual reunion. The reunion took place on the official Youtube channel of MTV, and it was 40 minutes long. The entire star cast and the crew joined in and shared their anecdotes from their journey across six seasons.

Josh Horowitz hosted the Teen Wolf reunion. During the reunion, Tyler reminisced over some of his favorite memories from the sets. He said that he was proud of everyone in the series. He cried at every scene where he was supposed to. And he then went on to appreciate everyone for the roles they played in the series.

Cast Members Held On To More Than Just Memories From Teen Wolf

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The cast not only held on to the memories but also some of the material stuff from the show. Dylan took the O.G Jeep that he drove in the series as Stiles Stillinski. During the reunion, he said that the series Teen Wolf has his heart. And it was just too hard for him to let go of the role he played. He needed to bring home some of the moments. He added that initially, he didn’t plan to take the jeep. But the makers encouraged him too!

And not just the Jeep, Dylan also kept some of the famous outfits he wore as Stiles. In fact, during the reunion, he wore the first shirt people saw Stiles in. Malia Tate also kept her fans. Along with Melissa Ponzio, who held the map of Beacon hills from the series.

Well, we know that the team did put up a great show!

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