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Real-Life Doppelgänger For Princess Yue From Avatar: The Last Airbender [Fan Art]

It is safe to say that Netflix has been working hard to keep up with the animated genre. The series Avatar: The Last Airbender was loved and appreciated by all. Some even say that it was the best animations to have been created ever. And now there are images all over the internet of a fan recreating the Princess Yue’s look. And the similarity between the two is incredible.

Who Is Princess Yue?

Avatar Card - Princes Yue by giovannag on DeviantArt

Avatar: The Last Airbender is an animation series created by Nickelodeon. It revolves around a 12-year-old who is an Air Nomad named Aang. And Aang is born to be the Avatar. But ends up being trapped in ice for over 100 years.

But then he is freed from the ice by the siblings’ named Katara and Sokka of Southern Water Tribe. Upon his awakening, Aang realizes that he is the only one left from his kind, and a Fire nation is now ruling all over the world.

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In the first season, we see that the three have come together to build Team Avatar. And to take charge, they move to the Northern Tribe. There they meet Princess Yue. She is a non-bender and the daughter of Chief Arnook.

Princess Yue Finds Her Real Life Doppelganger 

A fan on Instagram recently started to recreate the looks of Princess Yue. The fan goes by the named Charmante. And it’s hard to differentiate between the two.

The first thing we notice in the real-life doppelganger is her wig. It is of the same color as Princess Yue, and she even made the same hairstyle. She made the two iconic loops of Yue and got the perfect hair. She posted the picture with a screenshot of Yue and replicated her expressions.

If there is ever going to be real-life series for Avatar: The Last Airbender with actual actors, Charmante will nail the look for Princess Yue.

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