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Nick Hogan’s VIRTUAL Fights With Rapper Tyga Over Her Girlfriend Tana Lea

There has been a recent clash between the hulk Hogan son, Nick Hogan, and the rapper Tyga over Nick’s girlfriend, Tana Lea. This article brings in the conversations, Instagram stories, and their opinions over this clash.

Their conversations on Instagram :


It all started when Nick took a screenshot of the message inbox of his girlfriend and Tyga. In the message, it can be seen that Tyga has messaged her with lustful eyes emoticon. Then all of a sudden, an image of Nick Hogan pops out with what’s up message. So Nick Hogan has come up to expose the rapper.

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It did not take much time for the rapper Tyga to react. He made its pride as a priority and posted the Instagram story were two years back, Tana Lea has responded. So those were the posts of 2018 chat. It took two months for Tyga to reply to the texts of Tana Lea.

Clarification from Tana Lea :

Tana Lea has finally shown up to talk about her past Instagram stories. Talking about deleting her past messages that she felt them completely irrelevant. Moreover, back then, she was single and sent messages to many. She gave a lot of replies to have snap contents. But now she has a boyfriend. So she said to Tyga that he should not have messaged her.

She further shared how Tyga has cheated on Kylie as his girlfriend was performing in Australia. She put an end to this story, saying that this is the plot twist. In this way, the three people are involved in so many feuds recently.

These three people have been in the spotlight of controversies. The fight between them is gradually fueling up with time and new Instagram stories coming up from the trio. People must wait to see when the heated up things get settled up once and for all.

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