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Lost In Space Season 3 Coming Back On Screens After [Being Lost] For Nearly A Year

One of the few sci-fi series that could steal our hearts yet the very underrated one- ‘Lost In Space.’ First released in 1960, that couldn’t grab the pomp it released with. Then the 1990s movie that could fairly attract eyeballs.

And lastly, the Netflix series that surpassed all the hopes and went on to become one of the best! Viewers poured in love when its first season aired in early 2018, and that also went on to cross a million views on the streaming app.

After two successful runs (the second airing in 2019), Netflix has finally decided to enlighten us with the news of its return after the fans pleaded and signed petitions. The third season is coming soon, and The Netflix Team has released the official statement on its social media handles.

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However, there’s bad news too! The third season is going to be the last one, and the fans have already started with the petitions to bring a change in the makers’ minds, but we feel it’s a done deal.

Let’s not get sad but enjoy the upcoming season, for we have all the latest news and updates, so read on!


As per our trusted sources, the show is in its early stages of production and hasn’t started filming yet. It was to begin from June, but the COVID attack has stalled the shoots.

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The show is yet to start shooting from September, and everything goes seamlessly, it is going to wrap up its schedules by January 2021. The location has been decided to be Burnaby in British Columbia as the first season was shot in Vancouver, and the second was filmed in Iceland.

When To Air?

The same sources have informed us that the likely airing date is going to be 2021. Since the shooting is going to be wrapped up by January, the release is expected to be around Mid-2021. Let’s wait and watch!

What’s In-Store?

Well, we do have a lot in store, but we are afraid it’s going to ruin the fun if you haven’t watched the previous seasons. Not to worry if you are shaking your heads because Netflix is waiting with your golden ticket, so run and board the train.

For the updated ones, remember Judy, Penny and Will escaping the robot army? I stomped my foot at the cliffhanger too.


Reportedly, there have been fan theories going on speculating Grant Kelly’s death. Netflix might bring in some of the old stars to cast in the latest season the new shoot location suggests we are going to be on another planet altogether. Sounds thrilling already, isn’t it?

Till then, you can binge-watch the previous seasons to get the feels all over again!

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