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Heartbreak Left Katy Perry Deranged, Songstress Planned-Suicide Post-Breakup With Orlando Bloom In 2017!

Katy Perry has opened about a lot lately. In a recent interview, Katy very candidly spoke about her struggle with mental illness. In addition to this, she also made a major revelation. Well, we did not know that Katy was having that hard time back in the year 2017. But the actress came out fo the ashes and now she is in a pleasant place in her life.

Katy Perry Contemplated Suicide!

Katy Perry confessed that in 2017 she thought of committing suicide. Some reasons had made her suicidal. The songstress was suffering both personally and professionally. On the professional front, Katy Perry was suffering from a low performing album called ‘Witness,’ which is also her last album.

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While on the personal front, Katy was dealing with a major breakup. Her present beau, Orlando Bloom, and she had broken up in 2017. This breakup had shattered her into pieces. In the interview, Katy said that she was dismayed at seeing her life being torn in two parts.

How Did Katy Cope-Up?

Katy Perry is not just a star on the professional front. She is a real star too who coped up with whatever troubles came her way. The singer, 35, held herself together and fought mental illness. Katy had also said in the interview that she was had gotten clinically depressed. She even encountered suicidal thoughts. But she overcame them all.

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Katy started by appreciating the good in life. She made herself realize the fact that her career is not something that controls her life; instead, it is just a part of her life. She started being grateful for things even though she was low and sad. Now, like a phoenix, Katy is out of the pit of depression and is expecting her first child with her boyfriend, Orlando Bloom.

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