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Apparently These Two Cast Members Of Money Heist Were LOCKED For Hours In A ROOM

Money Heist is one such series that needs no prior introduction. It is the most successful series of all time on Netflix. It gained an immense fan following right from its dropping at Netflix.

Even all the actors and actresses portraying their respective roles were fabulous and huge fan following and fan pages were created in all the social media platforms like never before.

Long-lasting fame :

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The best part of this series is that all the characters have their unique importance. This will make the audience love all the roles with the utmost love. But the actors who got the most applause and fan bases are Alvaro Morte and Pedro Alonso for portraying the fan-favorite characters El Professor and Berlin. They created a long-lasting imprint on the hearts of people.

Unconditional love shown by the fans :

While the shooting of season 4, Alvaro Morte and Pedro Alonso have got the touch of the love, their fans are showing on them. While shooting at a spot, nearly 4000 people were waiting to see them.

During the shooting, they were so silent. But as soon as the shoot got over, the actors felt to interact with their beloved fans. But they were shocked by looking at such huge numbers. So all the cast were locked in a room for many hours.

Then the next day, they went for another location to shot a famous scene. Later even their 300 fans were spotted singing the Bella Ciao song. This indicates how much love and fame the actors have got through this series.

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The amount of love, support, and fame the actors have gained is never like before. Pages in social media can be seen as proof. Innumerable fan pages were created. The actors themselves told all these experiences in the Netflix documentary of La Casa De Papel.

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