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This Is The Current SITUATIONSHIP Between Alia Shawkat And Brad Pitt – TRUTH BUSTED 

Fans have always linked Brad Pitt to many women, from one to the other. The list can continue for quite a while including some famous names like Demi Moore, ex-wife’s Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, and many more. However, many rumors made the rounds about a possible relationship between Brad and Alia Shawkat.

Some eagle eye sources even spotted the American actress outside his gated residence a couple of times. So what’s the real status of these rumours? Do they have any truth to them? Or should we just shove them under the rug? Keep reading to find out about this newfound romance.

Shawkat’s controversial video resurfaced on the internet.

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Besides, it seems like Alia has managed to make herself a part of another major headline. And no, it’s not for any good reason. The actress has faced backlash after one of her old interviews had resurfaced.

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We all know, the Black Lives Matter movement has brought everyone out on the streets to protest. It has also raised a lot of awareness about the injustice towards Black people living in the States. In the old clip, Shawkat used the n-word, which has no doubt offended many people. She has now apologized for her mistake, but the public still seems quite mad at her.

Moreover, Alia spoke about the recent rumours in a recent conversation. She opened up saying that the public thinks she’s a racist who’s now living with Brad Pitt. Shawkat also added that she’d learned more about this all in the last two weeks than she has in her whole lifetime.

The actress admits she almost felt naked as her friends bombarded her with pictures and asked her about the situation. She described it as the feeling of everyone looking at you in school.

The actual relationship status between Brad and Alia

Meanwhile, Shawkat shut down all claims about dating the A-lister and said they’re just friends. Besides, director Spike Jonze introduced them both to each other, and they just hung out as friends. But the way the media has called her out has left the actress very uncomfortable.

She opened up saying people think she’s weird or she’s different…and why’s she hanging out with Brad Pitt. Well, the cat’s out of the bag now that we know Alia and Brad aren’t dating.

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